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Coronavirus tracking system

Individual Premium TesterIP
Posted : Monday, 29th June 2020, 04:47:PM
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Apple and Google are building a coronavirus tracking system into ios and android .

What do you guys think about that ?

Fajranaldi Teuku
Posted : 15th April 2020, 04:30:PM
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What? How?? Are they using the same tech to detect heart rate i.e smartwatch? Care to elaborate please

Posted : 17th April 2020, 02:06:PM
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Its use short-range bluetooth communications to establish a voluntary contact-tracing network, keeping extensive data on phones that have been in close proximity with each other. Public health authorities will get access to this data, and users who download them can report if they’ve been diagnosed with the virus . The system will also alert people who download them to whether they were in close contact with an infected person.

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