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Thursday, 19th March 2020

NTT Docomo To Launch 5G Smartphone Services On March 25

TOKYO..NTT Docomo Inc said Wednesday it will launch smartphone services based on superfast 5G techno...

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Monday, 3rd February 2020

Use of Facial Recognition in Europe Setting Off Some Alarm Bells

Brussels---THE European Union has accepted there is no escape from facial recognition, but is seekin...

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Tuesday, 14th January 2020

US Officials to Visit Britain to Push For Huawei Ban In 5G Networks

London---A DELEGATION of US officials will arrive in Britain on Monday to try to persuade Britain no...

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Friday, 10th January 2020

Food Stirs Up Interest at Vegas Tech Show

[LAS VEGAS] What's cooking at the Consumer Electronics Show? AI meal planning, a robot to chop your...

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Friday, 31st January 2020

US Interior Department Grounds Chinese-Made Drones Over Security Concerns

The US Interior Department is grounding its fleet of about 800 Chinese-made drones but will allow th...

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Monday, 30th December 2019

Tesla Delivering Its First China-Built Electric Cars Monday

Tesla Inc. will start delivering China-built cars on Monday, a major milestone for Elon Musk’s compa...

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Tuesday, 31st December 2019

Rust Belt on Becoming Hub for Electric Vehicles

The day Youngstown's steel mills began shutting down 40 years ago remains fresh in the minds of thos...

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Monday, 20th January 2020

Private Wireless Networks Offer a Secure Solution for Digital Transformation

Many organizations, when they initially install wireless IoT devices, are using their existing WiFi...

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Tuesday, 27th August 2019

China To Build More High-Throughput Computing Data Centers

China will build high-throughput computing data centers in at least 10 cities and form a high-speed...

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Tuesday, 10th December 2019

Lymphoma Patients Alive Three Years after Gilead Cell Therapy Treatment

(Reuters) - Nearly half of lymphoma patients treated with Gilead Sciences Inc’s Yescarta were alive...

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Friday, 27th September 2019

Huawei Billionaire Dangles 5G Secrets to Create a US Foe

Huawei Technologies Co. founder Ren Zhengfei is prepared to license his fifth-generation networking...

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