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Author : admin | Tuesday, 25 June 2019

ACCESS Manufacturing Systems Expands Manufacturing Product Line

Author : admin | Tuesday, 25 June 2019

ACCESS Manufacturing Systems is satisfied to formally broadcast the addition of Markforged 3D Printers to their full product suite of advanced manufacturing solutions.


ACCESS has been obtaining strategic expansion plans since early 2018, starting with the launch of a completely re-branded website. During that same time, ACCESS was esteemed as the HCL Technologies CAMWorks 2018 Worldwide Sales Partner of the Year. Only to achieve the same recognition in June 2019, receiving their second consecutive year as the CAMWorks 2019 Worldwide Top Sales Partner.


"We've devoted the past thirty years delivering the most advanced level CAM solutions on the market. We've plainly been successful with that, and we continue to service thousands of machining companies across the nation," said Dave Dulong, founder and president of ACCESS Manufacturing Systems. "But now, with the most recent breakthroughs taking place in 3D printing, it's so essential that we provide both active and future customers with alternative, cutting-edge and affordable 3D printing manufacturing options."


The mission and customer-service standards of ACCESS are in adjustment with Markforged's vision, to improve manufacturing system efficiency through better and faster ways of making useful prototypes, tools and fixtures, and end use parts—at scale.


Markforged produces an end-to-end 3D printing system that rivals traditional manufacturing processes, both in speed and cost, and increases the applications for additive manufacturing.


ACCESS is portraying the complete Markforged product line, which consists of both metal and composite 3D printers.


"There's a lot of interest about our entry into the additive manufacturing market. It's a significant industry advancement to be able to go from design to fully functional metal parts from a 3D print system. For us, that's certainly an exciting end-to-end manufacturing solution," said Joe Lagennusa, national sales manager at ACCESS Manufacturing Systems. "The existing CAM expertise of our entire team has actually allowed for a smooth transition into additive. It's a great fit for us and for our customers."

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