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Author : admin | Wednesday, 3 April 2019

ASI Technologies Focuses on the future as ASI Drives, and New AGV Pallet Robot, FRED2500

Author : admin | Wednesday, 3 April 2019

ASI Drives, a premier producer of custom engineered gear drives since 1985, has announced a major rebranding, the improvement of towing functionality with its breakout FRED2500 AGV, and an upcoming opportunity to meet FRED in person.


After almost 35 years, ASI Technologies recently rebranded itself as ASI Drives. The change captures the company's emphasis on supplying world-class gear drive solutions to its target markets and providing excellent product value for customers.


ASI will not simply design and manufacture battery-powered gear drives for machines up to one ton; ASI Drives solutions, value, and gear technology.


"ASI has developed an industry-leading ability to resolve problems and offer value to our customers," said Doug Fastuca, CEO. "We continue to innovate our gear and motor technologies with AGMA Standards, and with the introduction of our FRED AGV, we're driving new areas of performance and automation."


The change further sets up ASI within the AGV and warehouse automation markets, as does the introduction of FRED, ASI's innovative, self-driving, material-handling vehicle.


FRED is not your typical AGV. It's simple to set up, productive, flexible, safe, and budget friendly. And with the addition of new towing capabilities, there are a numerous methods and opportunities to move material around your facility. Using empty dollies, a detachable handle, and a quick-release tongue, FRED can easily move between multiple pickup locations with ease.


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