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Posted on : Saturday 7th March 2020 08:27 PM

Brexit May Lead Ford to Move Production Outside UK

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Ford has listed its projects in the case of a important withdrawal from the European Union, including transferring production out of the United Kingdom.

According to The Times UK on Tuesday, Ford explained the prime minister on a personal call that it was readying locations off the island. Ford employs about 13,000 people and functions two engine plants in the UK.

“We have long urged the UK Government and Parliament to work together to avoid the country leaving the EU on a no-deal, hard Brexit basis,” a Ford representative is quoted as saying. “We will take whatever action is essential to keep the competitiveness of our European business.”

Last month, Ford said that it could get a hit of up to $1 billion if Brexit goes ahead. The UK is Ford’s third-largest market, and home of about one in three of the cars made in Ford’s Cologne, Germany plant.

Ford joins Nissan in expressing worry over the uncertainty and financial upheaval possible after the Brexit deadline on March 29. Citing the difficulty in planning for the future, Nissan said last week that it would prefer not to build the new X-Trail SUV in the UK. Instead, it will be built in Japan.

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