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Posted on : Sunday 8th March 2020 07:24 AM

BYD Debuts Design Hub To Sculpt Next-gen Electric Cars

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Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD has launched a global design center at the company's headquarters in Shenzhen, combining its designers from across the globe under one roof to build far better cars.

The Chinese market for electric vehicles and other environmentally friendly cars continues to grow, but competition is savage as newcomers flood the field. BYD wishes to strengthen its design capabilities and develop outstanding vehicles aimed toward younger drivers.

The center covers 12,600 sq. meters and can accommodate 300 in-house designers and 100 outside staffers. It comprises an area specialized to creating clay models of the cars. The site also will be used to design monorails, as BYD seeks inroads in that field domestically and abroad.

"Both technology and design must be grasped firmly, to transform BYD's products from being solely powered by 'technology' to leveraging the combined power of 'technology + design,'" President and Chairman Wang Chuanfu asserted in a statement published on June 25.

BYD sold over 250,000 environmentally friendly cars in 2018, turning it out the primary player in China. But the government is eventually reducing subsidies for such vehicles, which could slow the growth in the market.

Foreign players such as Tesla also are pouring resources into China, adding to the competition. BYD wishes that reliable design capabilities will help distinguish the company from opponents and propel future growth.


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