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Posted on : Tuesday 12th February 2019 09:41 AM


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ATLANTA, GEORGIA - February 7, 2019 — Dematic, a leading global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimize the supply chain, has been chosen by a plastics production company to create and implement an Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) for intra-plant delivery of materials. The manufacturer is skilled in plastic injections molding and produces plastic parts for the medical, peThe system is created to automate the material flow from production. It will include a fleet of counterbalanced fork AGVs. The AGVs will pick up tubs of plastic product at manufacturing and transport to the warehouse. The loads can be stacked up to six levels high without racking. For outbound load movement, the AGVs will pick up tubs of finished goods from the warehouse and transport to the transportation dock. The system is planned to launch in the third quarter of 2019.

The Dematic System software manages and controls the AGV fleet to boost task projects of intra-plant movement of materials. An interface to the host ERP is incorporated to support lot control and quality auditing. For on-board controls, the AGVs use a combination of laser and natural target guidance.

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