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Posted on : Sunday 8th March 2020 07:45 PM

Doosan Infracore Demonstrates Automated Construction System

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SEOUL -- Doosan Infacore, a South Korean construction equipment machinery maker, demonstrated an automated construction system called "Concept-X" for commercial use. A drone equipped with a 3D scanner shared collected land data with other equipment such as an unmanned excavator.

Concept-X was demonstrated on Wednesday at Doosan's test field in Boryeong some 135 kilometers (83 miles) southwest of Seoul. Drones collect land data using 3D scanners and share information with a control tower to formulate a work plan for unmanned excavators and wheel loaders.

Doosan Infracore said in a statement that Concept-X can save time and money while increasing productivity and safety. "Concept-X is not just an autonomous technology but it is an integration of separate technologies and it is also the latest technology that can respond quickly and accurately to movements inside a construction site where multiple tasks are required simultaneously," CEO Sohn Dong-youn was quoted as saying.

Concept-X is part of the Doosan Infracore's big picture to automatize construction processes using autonomous and connected equipment. In April this year, the heavy machinery maker demonstrated a 5G-based remote construction machinery control system by controlling a small wheel loader dispatched to a simulated construction site in the western port city Incheon from a control booth located in Munich.

Doosan Infracore has teamed up with LGU+, the third-largest mobile carrier, to develop self-driving construction machines using a 5G communication network, drones, and ultra-low latency video transmission technology.

Doosan Inferacore has vowed to step up the commercialization of its teleoperation technology using a 5G network and a telematics service that remotely monitors construction machines based on information and communication technology, as well as a 3D machine guidance system that could be combined with AI technologies to develop self-driving excavators.

With rapid advances in sensor and computer technologies, there has been growing demands for autonomous equipment at warehouses, distribution centers and construction sites. The utilization of 5G at construction sites has been researched by South Korean technology and construction companies. Hyundai Construction Equipment, a construction equipment maker, teamed up with American software company Trimble and SK Telecom in December last year to develop a 5G-based smart construction platform that would use artificial intelligence to analyze 3D data collected by unmanned drones.


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