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Posted on : Sunday 8th March 2020 07:26 PM

Fuji Electric Releases Multi-PCS for Solar Generation Facilities with Storage Batteries

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    Integrating two types of PCS to reduce facility cost and minimize power loss


  In typical solar generation systems with storage batteries, both the solar panels and the storage batteries require PCS for electric power exchange.

  This design has integrated component inverter circuits and controllers to bundle the functions of the two PCS into one. This has reduced the number of the PCS and coupled transformers needed as well as the man-hours required to set them, noticing an approximately 20% reduction of cost compared to conventional systems.*3

  It also saves the solar power in the batteries without the need for AC conversion, lowering the power loss by four to five percent compared to previous models.


High-precision output control assists stabilizing the power grid and generation capacity


  Fuji Electric is a forerunner in storage battery control for wind generation facilities, with superior expertise gained by undertaking experiments and practical applications ahead of the industry. In this way, FE has developed a control model that achieves a power generation capacity variance (the ratio of power generation capacity fluctuation within a unit time period) within one percent per minute, the highest level in the world. The new product can be equipped with this control model*4, which provides support for the stabilization of power grid systems and generation capacity.    

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