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Author : admin | Friday, 24 May 2019

German Exports Rise Unexpectedly in March, Surplus Widens

Author : admin | Friday, 24 May 2019

German exports increased suddenly in March, outpacing import growth and broadening the trade surplus for Europe's prominent economy.

The Federal Statistical Office reported Friday that exports improved 1.5% in March over February to 112.7 billion euros ($126.5 billion), where economists had been predicting a slight decrease. Imports rose 0.4 percent to 92.7 billion euros in figures adjusted for calendar and seasonal effects.

That left the trade surplus at 20 billion euros, up from 18.7 billion euros the month before.

In unadjusted data, total exports came in at 118.3 billion euros, up 1.9 percent over March 2018, while imports totaled 95.6 billion euros, up 4.5 percent over last March. The unadjusted trade surplus decreased from 24.6 billion euros in March 2018 to 22.7 billion euros in March 2019.

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