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Posted on : Monday 9th March 2020 03:54 AM

Huawei Scraps First Product Launch As US Trade Ban Bites

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Huawei Technologies scrapped the release of a new laptop just after its ban by the US government from doing business with American suppliers.

Richard Yu Chengdong, chief executive of Huawei's mobile business, told CNBC that the Shenzhen-based company has indefinitely put on hold the launch of a new product in its Matebook series. The US blacklist, which prohibits American companies from selling products and services to Huawei, was behind the cancellation, as reported by Yu. The company did not immediately confirm the remarks by Yu.

The Post stated last month that Microsoft had halted receiving new orders from Huawei just after the Chinese telecoms gear and smartphone maker was added to the US Entity List. The two major areas of business between Huawei and Microsoft - Windows operating systems for laptops and other content-related services - have both been dangling by the US company as it steps to conform to US government restrictions, according to the Post report, which cited people familiar with the matter.

Huawei, the largest smartphone vendor in China and the second largest around the globe, has been pushing its laptop business just lately, launching a series of personal computers that cover the mid- and high-end markets.

Huawei also faces the prospect of being unable to use the Android operating system (OS) on its smartphones and Windows OS on its PC products. The company set out work on an alternative OS seven years ago and yet isn't fully prepared to launch it yet as the US ban came on instantly, sources told the Post in a separate report.


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