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Posted on : Thursday 31st January 2019 12:39 PM

India's Robot Sales Surged by 30 Percent

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Sales of industrial robots in India reached a new record of 3,412 new units installed in 2017. That is an increase of 30 percent compared to the previous year (2016: 2,627 units). Between 2012 and 2017 India saw a compound annual sales growth rate (CAGR) of 18 percent. These are the initial findings of the World Robotics Report 2018, published by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR).

Broken down by industry, India's automotive sector is the main end user with a share of 62 percent of the total supply in 2017. Sales rose by 27 percent (2016-2017).

India's automotive industry announces expansion


"The automotive market will remain the main factor of the increasing number of robot installations in India," says Junji Tsuda, president of the International Federation of Robotics. "Numerous new projects have been announced by international and domestic car manufacturers striving to expand production capabilities. Moreover, OEMs increasingly necessitate local supply of automotive parts."

General industry is catching up


A sharp sign that the general industry is catching up with the automotive sector can be seen by the sales rates of industrial robots in e.g. the plastics and rubber market, the metal industry and the electrical and electronics industry, which expanded by 46 percent in 2017.

"The general market will further invest in creation capacities and modernization to serve this growing consumer market," says IFR President Junji Tsuda. "Consequently, further velocity of the growth in robot sales is expected between 2018 and 2021."

India's robot success story started in 2009 - robot density still low


India is one of the most powerful growing economies among emerging Asian markets. Since 2009, the number of robot installations has been growing rapidly. In 2017, India ranked No. 14 in terms of the global annual supply, right away behind Thailand and Spain. As far as the operational stock is concerned, India ranked thirteenth after Canada, Spain and Singapore.


India's automation potential is best shown by it's rather low robot density figure: 85 industrial robots per 10,000 employees in the automotive industry is less than a quarter of that in Indonesia (378 units) and far away from China (505 units).

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india robot sales surged by 30 percent

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