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Posted on : Friday 13th March 2020 03:22 AM

KEB Auto brush machines

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System solution with KEB C6, G6 and H6 products

The KEB system solution starts at the top of the machine and finishes in up to 41 axes with a cycle time of one millisecond. State-of-the-art technology for household and industrial brush machines – produced by Borghi and automated with KEB.


A IPC C6 ECON BM2 with motion control software takes over the complete machine handling, which controls over 40 drive axes in a cycle time of one millisecond with full configuration, the newer controls C6 P34 BM will double the actual performance. The drive centerpiece of the brush machines from Modena, Italy, is the multi-axis system COMBIVERT H6, supplemented with the sensorless spindle inverters COMBIVERT G6.


This is used in Borghi machines for the production of brooms, brushes, strip brushes and mops in a range from guide and semi-automatic to "robotized workstations".


Convenient and space-saving

The primary reward of the KEB solution: Relying on the task, the number of axes can be adapted completely flexibly and asynchronous or synchronous motors can be used. Thanks to the H6 double-axis modules, the multi-axis design is particularly space-saving. The small size enables extended automation within the machine base area.


The DC bus coupling of the separately protected H6 modules creates operational reliability through energy exchange, which implies higher efficiency. Successive communication via EtherCAT also causes the system flexibly adaptable and minimises wiring, test, commissioning and assembly times, thus decreasing costs.


Complete engineering down to the individual drive is taken out via the COMBIVIS studio 6 software as the central automation platform. The special movements in the variable kinematics, formerly used via cam gears, were enhanced with the newly developed "Non Linear Inertia" function - a high-performance control of the cam function, which is one of the special features of Borghi machines.



Borghi and KEB have been successfully working with each other since 2010, with full customer satisfaction. Both companies are looking forward to continuing this long and successful collaboration with both parties working in developing the number of Borghi machines with KEB’s technology providing a complete automation solution inside.


Advantages of the KEB solution:


The KEB multi axis drive solution offers a space saving feature thanks to the H6 double axis modules, therefore the limited cabinet space and size save cost to the customer and enables enlarged machine automation within the existing space envelop.


The H6 has a usual DC bus configuration which provides another feature in terms of power regenerating, leading to higher efficiency (since no brake resistors are required) whilst the compactness of the solution saves costs in cabinet size it also saves time in assembling your equipment with reduced cabling and components needed (One set of fuses for the whole drive rather than individual ones for each drive).


All the KEB Generation 6 products can come with an integrated EtherCAT fieldbus slave, so a special network is created with a quicker data exchange achieved. The whole of the KEB C6 Controls range use a single platform with simple, clear software providing a scalable environment that reduces set up and integration time but also provides tools to help reduce service time and development when extending a machines portfolio.


KEB’s strength is to find the right solution to all requirements especially “special” ones in machine and installation production. This is why a “Non Linear Inertia function” was developed, which permits a high performance loop control without noise. A feature that Borghi have utilised on their machines

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