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Posted on : Monday 2nd March 2020 12:00 AM

LG Innotek Reveals Qualcomm Chip-Powered 5G Communication Module for Cars

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LG Innotek Co., the electronic materials and component manufacturing unit of South Korean conglomerate LG Group, has developed a fifth-generation communication module that could be applied to vehicles, using Qualcomm’s 5G chips as the first time in the world, the company said Wednesday.

The 5G communication module for cars relates to a component that allows data transmission between a vehicle and a cellular base station to provide wireless network connection using 5G mobile communication technology. It can be typically mounted inside the vehicle or in communication devices near the roof.

This is touted as the next-generation automotive mobile communication system to enable a vehicle to be fully autonomous, supplying it with real-time traffic data, accurate location information and vehicle-to-everything communication.

Companies have already been in heated competition to build modules that run on Qualcomm’s SnapdragonTM Automotive 5G Platform, a leading presence in the 5G telecom chip market. LG Innotek said it could gain an edge thanks to its proprietary RF circuit design technology, high-precision and density modularized technology, and heat-resistant new materials.

The most recent 5G module comes with substantially reduced latency, about one-tenth of that of an LTE module, the company said. If an autonomous car driving at 100 kilometers per hour discover an obstacle, the urgent braking function in a 5G module will start to activate after the vehicle moves 2.8 centimeters, while braking in an LTE module will start after it moves 1.4 meters.


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