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Posted on : Monday 9th March 2020 06:02 AM

LG Unveils New Electronic Blackboard Installed With Smart Technology

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LG Electronics launched a new electronic blackboard fitted with an 86-inch screen and smart technology such a screen-sharing feature that enables users to wirelessly connect with various devices including laptops.

The company said in a statement on Monday that "in-cell touch" technology used for premium smartphones was applied the very first time to large displays through collaboration with LG Display, a primary flat panel producer in South Korea. The price was not given.

In-cell touch technology enhances the speed of response and touch by incorporating touch sensors into LCD liquid crystal cells and matching actual touchpoints with areas where sensors react. Former touch technology of large displays had the weakness of having air-gaps between liquid crystal cells and touch sensors.

LG said the new product has a thin display and a screen border of 29 millimeters, permitting users to implement a harmonious design with their surroundings. It is geared up with LG's software so that it can utilize various kinds of smart functions.

The new product's screen-sharing feature helps users to wirelessly connect with various devices including laptop PCs and smartphones, LG said, adding users can meet in a remote conference room while watching the same screen in real time.


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