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Posted on : Tuesday 28th July 2020 12:32 PM

Measurement Technology In Compressors

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The measurement technology used in compressors is tending to increase more and more. And for good reason. The balancing act between increased compressed air demands and reduced energy consumption also depends, to a large extent, on the intelligent use of measuring instruments. The data obtained in this way are used both to increase machine efficiency and to plan preventive maintenance. Long downtimes and consequential costs are thus avoided. 

Operating principle of compressors

Compressors are machines that increase the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. The compressors draw in air from the surroundings. They then compress it using pistons (piston compressors) or interlocking screws (screw compressors). The compressed air is used in a variety of applications: To drive motors, machinery and tools, to clean parts, to inflate tyres, in pneumatics or as breathing air for fire brigades and divers. As more and more air is pushed into a vessel (the receiver or the air tank of a compressor), the pressure in it increases. With increasing air pressure, its temperature also rises. With oil-cooled compressors, the compressor oil also heats up.

Measurement technology for optimal operation

The measurement technology is an integral part of modern compressors. From the simple pressure gauge, which shows the user the level of the pressure supplied, to electronic pressure sensors and pressure switches. Mechanical and electrical thermometers or temperature switches help to utilise the compressor optimally, without overheating it. Level sensors, on the other hand, ensure that the condensate is automatically drained off.

Measurement technology in compressors – example, screw compressor

1: Air inlet – Pressure

2: Air inlet – Temperature

3: Outlet of the compressor stage – Pressure

4: Outlet of the compressor stage – Temperature

5: Compressed air tank – Pressure

6: Compressed air tank – Level

7: Compressed air outlet – Pressure

8: Compressed air outlet – Temperature

Everything from one source

With the increase in measurement technology and diversity of technologies in compressors, the number of possible suppliers also increases steadily. Rationalising to a few manufacturers with a wide range of products can help to keep an overview and reduce costs.


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