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Author : admin | Monday, 14 January 2019

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Ultra-Wideband Digitally Controlled GaN Amplifier

Author : admin | Monday, 14 January 2019

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TOKYO, January 10, 2019 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) revealed today its development of the world's first ultra-wideband digitally controlled gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier, which is suitable with a world-leading range of sub-6GHz bands focused on fifth-generation (5G) mobile communication systems. With a power efficiency rating of above 40%, the amplifier is expected to contribute to large-capacity communication and reduce the power consumption of mobile base stations.

* According to Mitsubishi Electric research as of January 10, 2019

** Output power level equivalent to 6.5dB Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) modulated signal.

Key functions

1) Novel load modulation achieves wideband operation and brings to large-capacity communication

- Mitsubishi Electric’s novel ultra-wideband digitally controlled GaN amplifier uses an advanced load modulation circuit with two parallel GaN transistors. The circuit expands the bandwidth of load modulation, a key factor for the amplifier’s high-efficiency operation, for wideband (1.4–4.8GHz) operation.

- Wide-band operation of amplifier assists several frequency bands. 2) Digital control knows high-efficiency operation and reduces power consumption of mobile base stations

- Digitally controlled input signals for amplifier realize high-efficiency load modulation of above 40% over 110% of the fractional bandwidth. Digital control employs learning function based on Maisart®***.

- Improved efficiency of amplifier helps to reduce power consumption in mobile base stations. 

mitsubishi electric ultra wideband digitally controlled gan amplifier


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