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Author : admin | Wednesday, 13 March 2019

New EC-i 52XL 200W High Torque Brushless Servo Motor from maxon

Author : admin | Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The new EC-i 52XL 200W Brushless Servo Motor from Maxon is a powerhouse. When space is limited but high torque and dynamics are required, the Maxon EC-i 52XL motor is the ideal motor choice.


With its extended length (80 → 110mm), this motor with flux collector rotor provides outstanding torque performance compared to the existing EC-i 52 180W High Torque that is often needed, especially on the industrial automation front.


Its extra power can be even more significant at relatively low speed which makes it a powerful fit to a variety of industrial applications including material handling & transport systems.


Because of its optimized magnet ring, the brushless EC-i 52XL motor with an iron winding offers a very high torque density and a low cogging torque. The multi-pole internal rotor is extremely dynamic. Its solid design, with a steel flange and steel housing, makes this motor a robust solution for industrial applications.

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