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Posted on : Monday 9th March 2020 07:02 AM

Omron Launches FHV7-Series Smart Camera

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Industrial automation solutions professional Omron Automation Americas recently stated the release of a brand new FHV7-series smart camera with an all-new multi-color light and high-resolution image sensor for advanced vision inspections on high-mix production lines.High-performance smart cameras like the FHV7 make it viable to easily acquire vision examination into versatile manufacturing processes. Equipped with a multi-color light and an autofocus lens, the FHV7 can answer flexibly to changes in the color and size of objects to be scrutinized. This removes the need for multiple cameras or manual lens alterations and insures compatibility with wide-ranging evaluation criteria on lines producing many different forms of products in varying quantities.The smart camera’s image processing reaches industry-leading speeds, while its camera delivers industry-leading resolution for acquiring higher precision in assessments and sustaining quality without slowing production down. Added to these functions is a high-speed image compression algorithm that compresses data at double the typical speed, enabling all image data to be saved while in parallel inspecting a second image. This facilitates complete traceability in production processes where quality control is paramount.

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