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Posted on : Friday 12th June 2020 02:20 PM

Porsche And Audi Electric Cars Available in Australia

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Both Audi and Porsche have launched electric cars in Australia. After multiple production delays, Audi has launched its first electric vehicles, the e-tron SUV and Sportback twins. The Porsche Taycan is due to arrive in Australia in December 2020. 

The e-tron electric SUV plus Sportback twins from Audi are due to go on sale in select dealerships and online in Australia from June 19. The first deliveries to the Antipodean country will be starting in September.

Both models will be available in two grades; 50 and 55. Prices start at $137,700 for the 50 and $146,700 for the 55. Sportback versions add $11,000 (all prices in Australian dollars). Audi will make a First Edition available from launch, that come with the price tags of $159,600 (e-tron) and $169,950 (Sportback). Only 70 examples of each battery-electric vehicle are available.

From the other German luxury carmaker, the Porsche Taycan is due to arrive in Australia in December 2020. So far there are only a handful of electric vehicles being sold in Australia and this one will be the most expensive.

First launched in Berlin in September 2019, three variants of Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle are on offer in the sunburnt country starting with the ‘entry-level’ Taycan 4S with prices starting at $191,000 Australian dollars. The mid-range Taycan Turbo starts off at $269,100, and the most luxurious, powerful and expensive of the lot is the Taycan Turbo S with prices starting at $339,100. All above prices are in Australian dollars and calculated before on-road costs.


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