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Posted on : Friday 13th March 2020 03:15 AM

FANUC Robotized Welding Solution

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Requirements for welding are regularly growing and one of the solutions allowing for high quality and high repeatability of the system is robotised welding. The use of industrial robots allows high flexibility of spot and arc welding process.


The use of an industrial robot together with specialized welding equipment reaches a high extent of automation of the welding process. Some of the benefits of automating this process are improving the quality of the welding seam and productivity and increasing efficiency.


The automated welding cell is a ready set system consisting of an industrial robot, specialized welding equipment, peripherals and safety devices. The cell is a pre-designed and pre-integrated which helps the welding process to start instantly after the mechanical positioning of the cell.


There are various variants for implementation of a welding cell and choosing the right configuration for a specific application is essential for achieving efficiency and faster ROI.


The welding procedure is performed on a pre-programmed trajectory, which is set by the operator. The operator prepares the parts for welding and provides constant supervision of the system.

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