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Posted on : Sunday 8th March 2020 07:44 PM

Samsung Elec Launches Fail-Proof SSD That “Never Dies”

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Samsung Electronics has unveiled its latest PCIe Gen4 solid state drive (SSD) series that are predicted to further widen the technology gap with its rivals thanks to three key software technologies integrated in the new system, making the drive fail-proof, faster and more flexible.

The South Korean chipmaker said Thursday it has circulated 19 versions of the industry’s highest-performing SSDs backed by the latest three software innovations.

With fail-in-place (FIP) technology, the latest SSD models “never die” regardless if a chip fails on the drive, the company explained. The FIP technology solves the problem of having to replace an entire SSD even if a failure occurs in just one of several hundred NAND chips. The new SSD can detect a faulty chip, scan for any damaged data, and transfer the original data onto normally operating chips, instantly activating an “error-handing algorithm” to maintain stable high performance, the company added. 

The FIP technology symbolizes a “new milestone” in the 60-year history of storage, saving system downtime and drive replacement costs even when errors occur at the chip level, a Samsung Electronics official said.

One other core technology, virtualization technology, offers independent virtual workspaces to several users, permitting a single SSD to be subdivided into independent virtual workspaces for numerous users. V-NAND machine learning technology leverages big data analytics to accurately read and verify data at high speeds.

Samsung Electronics said it commenced last month the mass production of its next-generation PCIe Gen4 PM1733 and PM 1735 SSDs that run at twice the speed of existing SSDs, fully incorporating the three technologies. The company plans to cement its dominance in the premium storage market by introducing more innovative software to its SSDs for servers and data centers, it claimed.


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