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Author : Tronserve | Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Samsung Electronics Confident of New New User Interface One UI 2

Author : Tronserve | Tuesday, 3 December 2019

SEOUL -- Samsung Electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker, has much confidence in the unrivaled usability of its new user interface, One UI 2, which offers advanced customization options and better accessibility, despite alleged imitation by Chinese rivals which have joined the international race to provide new user experiences.

"(Chinese companies') copycat itself recognizes the value of Samsung Electronics. The more they do it, Samsung needs to go further," Samsung's mobile division head Koh Dong-jin said a consumer invitation event at Samsung Digital City in Suwon on November 29. Koh's remarks are interpreted as expressing confidence in the latest version of Samsung's signature user interface, One UI 2, that will be used for all Galaxy mobile devices by early next year after a beta program test.

After Google's new mobile operating system, Android 10, was disclosed in September, Chinese companies are preparing for new UXs. However, Samsung appears to be unswayed by allegations that some Chinese companies are copying Samsung's UX. It becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate as the hardware specifications of smartphones have been upgraded, but Samsung believes it can provide differentiated elements in terms of software.

One UI 2, unveiled at Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) on October 29, includes an array of advanced audiovisual functions that make it easy for any user to enjoy a simpler, more convenient user experience, using its artificial intelligence platform Bixby.

Samsung has introduced options to adjust the screen’s color settings, which enhances visibility for users who have difficulty seeing certain hues and utilize a high-contrast keyboard featuring colors that make keys really stand out.

Users are allowed to easily send messages to friends by simply telling Bixby what they want to type and use their voice to make notes and save ideas in the Samsung Notes app. The light-sensing feature detects the status of nearby lights and informs users through vibration. Users may decide whether they want to turn the lights on or leave them off. One UI 2 allows users to enjoy an improved experience when engaging in phone conversations, even in places with lots of background noise. Spoken words can be automatically put into a text form on the screen.



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