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Author : admin | Friday, 31 May 2019

VIASENSOR G100 Series of Gas Analyzer for Food and Beverage Applications

Author : admin | Friday, 31 May 2019

The VIASENSOR G100 series of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas analyzers from Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., is best for measuring CO2 levels and for indoor air quality measurements. The accuracy and portability of the analyzer makes it specially useful for a range of food and beverage applications, including the brewery fermentation process and carbonated soda dispensing systems.


With its industry leading reliability, quick verification of CO2 levels, and painless to read large well-lit display, the VIASENSOR G100 and G110 monitoring systems are a good choice for measuring the CO2 in brewing vats. These instruments feature modified stability with built-in moisture removal, and easy user calibration right on the analyzer. They offer data storage for 1,000 readings, download capabilities, a long life battery, and quick manufacturing and service lead times. Available options consist of dual temperature, oxygen, and relative humidity capabilities.


CO2 accumulation from the brewery fermentation process or CO2 gas line for carbonated soda that persists in enclosed areas can cause health effects to employees and customers. Food and beverage providers can use the VIASENSOR G150 model for background monitoring and indoor air quality applications, particularly to detect the presence of the gas and check for leaks. This model detects CO2 ranging from 0-10,000 parts per million (ppm).


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