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Author : admin | Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Xiaomi Unveils World's Fastest Wireless Phone Charger

Author : admin | Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Xiaomi has developed wireless charging technology that can power up even the largest devices in around an hour, the fastest among comparable systems, the Chinese smartphone maker said Monday. The Mi Charge Turbo will be circulated soon combined with Xiaomi's new 5G flagship smartphone.

"The speed of the new smartphone charging system is the fastest among wireless charging worldwide," Vice President Cui Baoqiu told a news conference Monday. "It does not fall short when compared to wired charging." Beijing-based Xiaomi maintains the distinction of being the first major Chinese phone maker to announce a wireless charging system, in March of last year. That feat was followed closely by the addition of a 20-watt system this past February. The new system revealed Monday has a maximum capacity of 30 watts.

The company is checking a more powerful 40-watt charging system with the aim of commercializing it at an earlier date. "Wireless charging will enter the age where it will become superior to wired charging," said Cui. Xiaomi also announced plans for a corporate alliance that will permit smartphone users to charge devices wirelessly in automobiles, hotels and restaurants.

Xiaomi is the world's fourth-largest smartphone maker by volume after Samsung Electronics, Apple and compatriot Huawei Technologies, data from IDC shows. Alongside growth in China and other Asian markets, Xiaomi's sales are also on the rise in Europe.


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