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Posted : Monday, 29th June 2020, 04:47:PM
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Are Biomed Engineer in Malaysia in demand? Since most of school leavers will go for Doctors as a career.

Fajranaldi Teuku
Posted : 8th April 2020, 04:59:PM
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Doctors really? With the pay being so low these days and very high in workload, would you like to be one right now? :p

Posted : 8th April 2020, 05:37:PM
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Hahaha then what kind of careers that should they consider?

Amin Izadysadr
Posted : 14th April 2020, 06:44:AM
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I think all engineering fields are always in demand. and they will probably be more in demand in the coming years.

if you come to think of it, engineers are considered as a smart people so your career choices won't be limited very much..

i found some data under required engineering fields in Malaysia if that helps you…

Posted : 14th April 2020, 03:38:PM
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I read a survey engineers in Malaysia all are underpaid since 1990's 
Posted : 17th April 2020, 04:24:PM
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I guess due to current economy fluctuations, all the school leavers will having difficulties to get better paid not depends on their quifications. 

Edy Farhan Anuar
Posted : 30th April 2020, 09:51:AM
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I guess with the covid-19 situation currently happening, its more important than ever for bio-med students in order to create a vaccine in the years to come. 

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