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9, rue de la Batterie 67118 Geispolsheim-Gare, FRANCE , , ,Gard ,FRANCE.

Our specialists design and manufacture springs from single units to mass production (several million units). For vehicle suspension, garage doors, load compensation, and even fastening, we can provide the spring you need. In order to remain highly reactive, we regularly invest in machinery. Le Ressort Industriel is located in ALSACE south of STRASBOURG. Individual and mass production. All kinds of springs for industry from 1/10 mm to 30 mm; marine, railways, public works, electricity. Certified ISO 90001. In order to be highly reactive we regularly invest in our machinery. We have been at your service for three generations. Your satisfaction is our priority. We create prototypes and preproduction runs, choose materials and treatments, help with dimensioning (using calculation software). View more

1c, rue Du Tissage 68500 Issenheim, FRANCE , , ,Isere ,FRANCE.

The company Alsaflam designs, manufactures and installs custom-made heating equipment used in industrial processes. Alsaflam offers a range of high-performance industrial gas burners and exactly meets your manufacturing needs. Alsaflam is able to offer you a broad range of products such as: linear, modular, surface, pack, air duct, torch and jet burners, hot air generators, gaseous effluent incinerators and air/air exchangers. Do you have Alsaflam and/or another brand's thermal equipment? Our maintenance department can carry out the full service and overhaul of your equipment (all brands included) and also upgrade your facilities to meet required standards. We work in numerous sectors, such as food processing, metallurgy, plastering, drying, etc. Moreover, our products are present in both the French and international markets. View more

57, Boulevard Jules Verger 35800 Dinard, FRANCE , , ,Doubs ,FRANCE.

NUWEN, a subsidiary of the Roullier group is an international specialist working for industrialists. We produce and import mineral raw materials in the field of water treatment and industries. We respond to environmental issues and strategic stakes for water treaters, providing green, sustainable and safe solutions. NUWEN are not dangerous for people or the surrounding environment. NUWEN is based on its R&D unit and close partnerships with specialist companies and universities to develop its products. NUWEN develops solutions for industries, basically made up of trading products. Long-standing partnerships enable us to guarantee you safe supplies all year round. View more

6 rue Rose Dieng-Kuntz 44300 Nantes, FRANCE , , ,Nievre ,FRANCE.

ROBOPLANET is a French company that manufactures mobile robots that use ultrasound to map and inspect corrosion. These robots assist experts checking for corrosion in storage tanks and boats. The company was founded in 2000. It is based in Nantes, France. Corrosion can cause ageing in structures with ever higher associated repair costs and ultimately leading to emergency plant shutdowns. Extensive equipment is needed to properly inspect boats and storage tanks: basket lifts, scaffolding and specialist climbers. Since 2000, ROBOPLANET has been developing a line-up of hardware and software for inspection of superstructures, working closely with other specialist consultancies. Our family of robots allows inspectors to go about their tasks with the greatest of speed, performance and reliability. ALTISCAN is a mobile magnetic crawler designed for rapid interventions at height (ships, storage tanks). View more

Impasse du Plat Rio BP 5 62232 Annezin, FRANCE , , ,Ain ,FRANCE.

Based in the North of France, and 100% family-owned, Flanquart’s core business is the supply and the transformation of premium cereals: seeds, hulled seeds, toasted seeds, caramelized seeds, flours, flakes, blends, pastes, dried fruits and spices. We cover a large range of products : sesame seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, linseed, poppy seeds, quinoa, chia, oat, amaranth, millet, and many more! Please note that we can now provide gluten free and other free from products thanks to the brand new extension of our production plant! We supply the food industry in over 30 countries, such as cereals-based industries, bakeries, millers, caterers, biscuit, confectionary and chocolate factories, to name but a few. Our independence, flexibility and management structure enable us to trial new processes or products quickly and efficiently. Product development and customer support are always at the top of our agenda! View more

202, rue Baron Dominique Larrey Zi bec de canard 83210 La Farlede, FRANCE , , ,Feucherolles ,FRANCE.

SEANERGY specialises in industrial maintenance for ocean-going yachts and sensitive industries (offshore, mining, military, maritime). We particularly deal with the maintenance of diesel plant, generators & propulsion systems. Maintenance, repair and overhaul of propulsion engines, gearboxes, generators, water-jets, auxiliary ship machinery; Plus: Preventive maintenance, remedial maintenance, breakdown repair, mechanical overhaul, bench testing, expert assessment, sea trials. View more

ZAC du Mont Guillerme 3305 route de saint oblas 38780 Oytier Saint Oblas, FRANCE , , ,Orne ,FRANCE.

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v des Landes Ld Buscasse 47310 Ste Colombe En Bruilhois, FRANCE , , ,Saint Viatre ,FRANCE.

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ZA Champs de Mars 57270 Richemont, FRANCE , , ,Rhone ,FRANCE.

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65 Avenue Jean Mermoz 93126 La Courneuve Cedex, RANCE , , ,Cedex ,FRANCE.

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Rue R Laennec 85130 La Verrie, FRANCE , , ,Vellise ,FRANCE.


5 Rue Georges Auric Zone Industrielle Mozart 26000 Valence, FRANCE , , ,Vaucluse ,FRANCE.