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1 Rue Louis BlériotZi Du Mas Des Landes 87170 Isle, FRANCE , , ,Isere ,FRANCE.

The company MONGIN manufactures industrial knives and cutting tools. We can address all your cutting issues thanks to the skills and know-how we have built up over the past decades in the following sectors: food-processing packaging, packing and food processing lines; pharmaceuticals, corrugated board conversion, paper and label conversion, tissue, glass fibre insulation, plastic and wood. As the finished quality of your products is a key factor for your business, our technical staff who are specialized in your business, will advise you on how to improve your cutting processes. As being competitive should not entail downgrading quality, we seek high performance on the machining of our products to offer you the cutting quality you expect at the best price. View more

Plastobreiz za de toul-garros 56400 Auray, FRANCE , , ,Aveyron ,FRANCE.

Subcontractors in the manufacture of solid wood components and by-products: Door and window frames - Doors - Screen walls - Awnings - furnishings, fittings and joinery, shutter elements ... We are able to offer you high-quality services and finishes to meet your all requirements in the finest detail based on the strength of our experience in various woodworking techniques, our energy and know-how. We are in business to imagine, design, shape and manufacture solid wood and wood by-product components. SARGAM has developed specific know-how in cutting and numerical machining, shaping of moulds, curves and specific angles. Our design office technicians are at your service to design innovative solutions using CAD-CAM tools. View more

5 RUE DES LIBELLULES 10280 Fontaines Les Gres, FRANCE , , ,Lot ,FRANCE.

Every success story starts with an idea. From standardised components to tooling systems, norelem offers its expertise to meet your machine construction and installation objectives. For over 60 years, we have been constantly developing our product ranges to ensure that each application has its place. Our design office will also help you find the perfect solution for your needs. Norelem also has an established sales network present on five continents, and offers high-quality services: 24-hour delivery, online product availability checks, online shop, technical and commercial hotline in France. Norelem manufactures standard mechanical components. View more

25 ZAC Gare d'Heyrieux 69780 Saint Pierre De Chandieu, FRANCE , , ,Centre ,FRANCE.

Transport and logistics operator in the Rhône Alpes, France (in close proximity to the top French logistics platform, at the European crossroads of national and international distribution), Pro SEND accompanies you all along the logistics chain: from outsourcing your stock to delivering to your customers. In secure warehouses (alarm and video-surveillance), we also manage one-off, short terms operations (overload management at activity peaks) as well as annualized logistics contracts. We handle the management of our goods in both cases: quantitative and qualitative verification, stock inwards, stock management, order preparation, picking, palletizing, etc. Delivery from small parcels to full truck loads inn France and Europe (ADR, express, B-to-B, B-to-C). Other logistics services: unstuffing your bulk maritime containers, transhipments on dedicated cell, parcel sorting, etc. View more

164 Boulevard De Graville 76600 Le Havre, FRANCE , , ,Herault ,FRANCE.

Present in the main industrial centres linked with petrol and gas industries. Sheet metal productions (manufacture of heat exchangers), industrial maintenance: maintenance, pipework, mechanical maintenance, metallurgy maintenance. Sheet metal productions: exchangers, Distillation columns, reactors. Equipment for catalytic crackers: cyclones, plenums, domes, risers, grills. Equipment for furnaces and boilers: prefabrication of tubular, convection and radiant panels, superheaters.Pressure vessels: all types and all metals. Air coolers. Industrial maintenance: rehabilitation of petrochemical and power generation plants. Unit shutdowns: we manage and carry out complete scheduled shutdowns for refineries and petrochemical facilities.FOURE LAGADEC: industrial contract maintenance, nuclear maintenance, marine maintenance, refinery maintenance, petrochemical maintenance. View more

775 rue ampereZi les milles 13799 Aix En Provence, FRANCE , , ,Aveyron ,FRANCE.

For more than 30 years, Sunnex has been manufacturing sturdy, hard-wearing lighting systems for a variety of industrial applications. Full range of lighting for workstations featuring many designs and varieties for most applications, from the office to heavy engineering. A full range of anti-vibratory and levelling supports for the widest arrays of applications. Sunnex is the exclusive distributor for LUXO lamps (used by Pixar) in France. View more

9 avenue Edouard Belin 92566 Rueil-Malmaison, FRANCE , , ,Rhone ,FRANCE.

Cognex supplies inspection, guidance and identification solutions for almost every type of industrial application (equipment automation, automotive, consumer products, electronics, agro-foods, semi-conductors, photovoltaics, etc.). Cognex vision systems can be deployed at every stage of the manufacturing process in order to optimise product quality, cut costs and improve automation. View more

23 Rue De Cange 37270 Larcay, FRANCE , , ,Larcay ,FRANCE.

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P10 SAINT THUDEC 29270 Poullaouen, FRANCE , , ,Pas-de-Calais ,FRANCE.

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ZI n°3 47 impasse des chagnes 16160 Gond-Pontouvre, FRANCE , , ,Gironde ,FRANCE.

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48 Rue De Salins 25301 Pontarlier Cedex, FRANCE , , ,Cedex ,FRANCE.

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9, rue de la Pointe 59113 Seclin, FRANCE , , ,Seine-Maritime ,FRANCE.