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18, Z.A Grange Neuve 38790 Diemoz, FRANCE , , ,Deux-Sevres ,FRANCE.

Since 1986, S.A.S Aspir’Elec has designed, manufactured and installed air extraction, dust suppression and air filtration systems for industrial businesses. Aspir’Elec provides advice and handles that calculations and full installation of systems for air extraction, depollution, filtration, pneumatic transport and storage. Aspir’Elec can manufacture, on request, pipework for airflow systems, laminar air flow sensors, filters, dust-suppressors, storage silos, paint booths. From capturing the smallest to the largest particles and dust, Aspir’Elec has the solution to meet your needs in terms of healthy working environments, and can provide the air flow you need to remove pollution at source and transport it to a storage system via a network of aeraulic pipes, cyclonic separator or filter, ventilation fan or any other equipment that may be required, as well as offering management of associated electrical systems. View more

5 Place des Alliés 68290 Masevaux, FRANCE , , ,Mayenne ,FRANCE.

Specialised in belts and conveyor belts since 1936, TANALS is an Alsace-based manufacturer that recommends and develops technical solutions intended to improve performance by relying on renowned partners: GATES MECTROL, GATES, BGK, NITTA, ESBELT, BEHABELT. Tanals has also patented a process for creating removable mechanical joints for polyurethane toothed transmission belts and conveyor belts, ERO JOINT®. Our research and development department is able to run the calculations and tests needed to accurately scale your transmission needs to develop the products that you need for your applications. Our organisation, resources and back-up mean that we are able to provide an emergency breakdown repair service. (Please telephone for price and timescales). Our team is available to fit transmission and conveyor belts at your site. Special products designed in-house for special applications. View more

11, chemin de la Pierre Blanche 69800 Saint Priest, FRANCE , , ,Saint Ouen ,FRANCE.

Are you looking for stainless steel bolt and screw fasteners? Béné Inox offers you a wide range of stainless steel screws, bolts and fixing components: wood & metal screws, bolts, wedge anchors, hinges, tamperproof screws, fittings, cable & chain accessories, and that's not all! We are also able to supply you with all the necessary components for the construction and/or maintenence of industrial fluid processes. Delivery between 24 and 72 hours View more

139 rue des ArtsBâtiment C, 1er étage 59100 Roubaix, FRANCE ,139 rue des ArtsBâtiment C, 1er étage 59100 Roubaix, FRANCE , ,Rhone ,FRANCE.

Nous sommes un FabLab (atelier de fabrication numérique ouvert à tous) dans le Nord de la France. View more

Zae Sente Du Moulin 60530 Ercuis, FRANCE , , ,Eure ,FRANCE.

MEISER est un groupe familial créé il y 60 ans en Allemagne qui emploie aujourd'hui 3 500 salariés, dans 36 pays. Leader reconnu dans le domaine du caillebotis, MEISER dispose depuis 2015 d'une nouvelle usine en France, située à LESTREM (62), spécialisée dans les sols industriels de sécurité. Des investissements industriels réguliers permettent à MEISER de proposer aux clients des caillebotis et des sols industriels à des prix compétitifs. Un stock important de produits finis et de matières premières garantit une réactivité en phase avec les besoins du marché. Une attention particulière est apportée à la qualité et à l'innovation, comme par exemple dans le domaine de l'accessibilité. Un réseau de distribution performant maille tout le territoire et assure une proximité de la présence commerciale et du stock. View more

63 Boulevard Massena 75013 Paris, FRANCE , , ,Paris ,FRANCE.

TechViz is a VR software editor specialized in virtual reality, 3D visualization in 1: 1 scale and virtual prototyping. Our Software TechViz XL enables to display on immersive systems (VR headsets, Powerwall, CAVE…) 3D models without any data conversion. Our mission is to help you improve your company’s R&D thanks to our technology and our partners leader in their market: we enhance your production cycle and reduce your time of product development. TechViz also allows you to visualize a 3D model in real time from different locations and from any type of immersive display system. Our wide range of services enables as well to track a user’s body and hands movements and to display them in an avatar in a 3D model in order to make ergonomic analysis or project reviews in a fully immersive environment. Our international technical and commercial team is involved in different sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, architecture and construction, manufacturing, energy and pharmaceutical industries. View more

16 Rue Lavoisier 25000 Besancon, FRANCE , , ,Bas-Rhin ,FRANCE.

Digital Surf, founded in 1989, is a leader in the supply of surface analysis software for all types of surface metrology instruments, including tactile and optical profilometers, interferometric and confocal microscopes, close field microscopes (atomic force microscopes-AFM, MFM, STM, SNOM, etc.), scanning electron microscopes and RAMAN and FTIR spectrometers. Imagery analysis software based on Mountains® technology by Digital Surf is integrated by the world’s major measurement instrument manufacturers and used in thousands of laboratories and industries, in sectors as varied as the car industry, biotechnologies, cosmetics, energy, semi-conductors and MEMS, materials, medicine, metalworking, nanotechnologies, optics, paper and printing, nanostructures, polymers, etc. Visit View more

8-14 rue Vaucanson 69150 Décines, FRANCE , , ,Doubs ,FRANCE.

Industrial flexible doors, automatic flexible doors, manual flexible doors in standard sizes or made-to-measure. Guarantee of local manufacture and service. BRANDS: OPENFLEX, FLEXIPASS, FILECLAIR, MAVIPRO, MAVINOV, MAVICOLD, MAVIFOOD, ISOPASS, MAVISOUPLE, MAVISWING, MAVICLEAN, FLASHKIT, PASSPORT. Maviflex also manufactures strip doors, swing doors, high-speed cold storage room doors, high-speed doors for food storage rooms, modular flexible partitioning and welding screen. View more

1 rue des clubsZa les renardières - ecuelles 77250 Moret-Loing-Et-Orvanne, FRANCE , , ,Orne ,FRANCE.

Company situated in the Seine-et-Marne region that specialises in the manufacture and trade of bespoke industrial filters. The company's manager Mr. Daveau built up extensive expertise working in this industrial sector for over 22 years and has forged close ties with French partners and international sub-contractors. Négofiltres manufactures all types of filters for the industrial, construction and architectural markets as well as the pharmaceutical and plastics industries. So don't hesitate to contact the company; we'll reply within 48 hours offering you highly competitive prices and delivery throughout Europe. Large stock of industrial filters and filtering media in our Fontainebleau factory. An overview of our products: Filters, cartridges and metal strainers; Sieves and screens, grates and stainless steel filtering media; Paper and synthetic filters. View more

Batiment E, 1 Rue de Terre Neuve 91940 Les Ulis, FRANCE , , ,Le Castellet ,FRANCE.

SWIRIS designs and manufactures powerful SWIR (Short Wave InfraRed) LED Vision Systems, from the light source to the detector.Thanks to our expertise in optical sciences and our knowledge in LED lighting conception, we develop innovative SWIR-LED lighting technologies, mono and multispectrals, reaching unmatched performances.SWIRIS combines them with high-performance sensors into custom SWIR vision systems, fully though out and optimized by our engineering team. View more

5 rue de la croix sainte barbe 52700 Andelot-Blancheville, FRANCE , , ,Aisne ,FRANCE.

SARL HDPR specialises in protective textile covers for industry. We specialise in protection for robots.Manufacture of protective covers for industrial robots - SCARA, cartesian, 6-axis articulated robots - in technical fabrics, protective systems robotics and industrial machines, we protect all brands of robot (ABB, FANUC, KUKA, MOTOMAN, KAWASAKI, COMAU, REIS, NACHI, CMA ROBOTICS, YASKAWA, ADEPT, DENSO, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS, REIS, CLOOS, HYUNDAI, JANOME, PANASONIC, SHUNCK, TOSHIBA, TM ROBOTICS, DURR). We are also able to offer you protective curtains and bellows for your machine tools. We have the solution to the maintenance problems you experience with your machines. Our covers adapt to fit every movement made by your production tools. Our various fabrics are designed to withstand extreme conditions ( T°: -50°C to +1400°C), splatter from molten steel, sand, shot-blasting, acid, welding, etc. View more

Artel Est 82100 Castelsarrasin, FRANCE , , ,Calvados ,FRANCE.

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