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1 place de la cathédrale 28000 Chartres, FRANCE , , ,Charente ,FRANCE.

Visit the international event focusing on innovation in the perfumery-cosmetics industry, COSMETIC 360, held on 17 and 18 October 2018 in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre. A forum focused on encountering and discovering innovations, Cosmetic 360 offers an opportunity to find out about the latest innovations and beauty services of tomorrow. There will be a special zone for up-and-coming young talent. A convivial and businesslike space plays host to a concentration of budding companies waiting to be discovered. Every exhibitor's stand features a back-lit totem showcasing an innovation. Every stand offers the promise of discovering cutting-edge innovations. The event will also be hosting Open Innovation sessions, an interface that puts research and development professionals from potential clients together with pre-selected promoters of promising projects. View more

RN 6 - La Chapelle 73330 Domessin, FRANCE , , ,Drome ,FRANCE.

Robinet Frigorifique Français (RFF) located at Domessin in the Savoie specializes in manufacturing steel and stainless steel industrial refrigeration valves and offers a range of globally-acclaimed products for refrigeration plants: shut-off valve, regulating valve, non-return valve, check valve, filter, counterweight purger, manual or motorised ball valve, PN25, PN65, steel and stainless steel, for NH3, CO2 and other refrigerants. We carry out the manufacture the "ANTONSANTI" range of GDF-approved steel valves and fittings for natural gas, accessories and the "Isolet" kit. Robinet Frigorifique Français uses modern manufacturing techniques that are the by-word for quality and competitiveness for refrigeration plants, in order to satisfy its demanding customer base. Our products are installed in refrigeration plants using ammonia, CFC, HCFC, HFC and other refrigerants, for operating temperatures ranging from -50 to +150°C. View more

Rue Berthelot Village POL'ECO Atelier 2 59860 Bruay Sur L'escaut, FRANCE , , ,Le Castellet ,FRANCE.

Our company specialises in the industrial maintenance of all pressure types and all brands of reciprocating (piston) compressors. Based on robust experience gained in over 30 years' working in this field, we carry out typical mechanical overhauls of connecting rods, etc. and also reboring of worn cylinders and production of piston rings adapted to their new dimensions. You can rely on us for the high-performance overhaul of suction and discharge valves in all dimensions. We supply all accessories required for the good working order of compressors, such as pressure switches, temperature sensors, pressure gauges, etc. We also carry out ten-yearly testing of tanks subject to tests and inspections, and ensure the remplacement of safety valves for various devices and tanks.Contact us for the optimisation of your equipment by installing a priority selector. Production of piston rings and seals tailored to post-grinding. Sale of refrigeration and adsorption dryers. View more

36 Square Beaumarchais 77130 Montereau-Fault-Yonne, FRANCE , , ,Yonne ,FRANCE.

The company INDUSATEX FRANCE LIGHTING, located in Seine-et-Marne, offers several segments of LED lighting products at very competitive prices. Our skills and experience in electronics and in the field of LEDs allow us to offer you high performance products in terms of lighting with significant energy savings. View more

115, allée des OrmeteauxZ.I. du Tuboeuf 77170 Brie Comte Robert, FRANCE , , ,Quelmes ,FRANCE.

L.LAIR, no. 1 French manufacturer of air stream burners, is specialised in industrial gas burners, gas kits, gas regulation and safety, flame control, equipment for heating air in industry. From the car industry to aeronautics, from the food industry to waste reprocessing, L.LAIR satisfies all industrial needs using gas air heating system in France and abroad: from design to development and after sales, separate components and formation. L.LAIR's different products cover the following sectors: industrial air conditioning, cooking, heat chambers, ovens, baths, incinerators, tempered ventilation, thermal treatment, air treatments, food driers for grains, leaves, fruit, power, sand, glass, etc. L.LAIR, certified SIEMENS SOLUTION PARTNER, can design optimal solutions for industrial combustion applications. View more

"25 RUE DES VOSGES Za les rivauds nord laleu,local n°19 17000 La Rochelle,, FRANCE" , , ,Rhone ,FRANCE.

CVH Technologies supplies a whole series of products for the industrial, railway and military sectors. Supplier of industrial fans, converters (Ac/Dc converters, Dc/Dc converters, Dc/Ac converters) and standard and specific laboratory power supply. Wide range of standard fans and options: Tropicalisation, Tachymetry, IP, EC FANS motorised impellers. Brushless motor / Electronic commutated motor: We can make motors according to specifications, tube motors, motors or train doors, etc .CVH-technologieS is now a dealer for I.S.G.E.V Motors which are for industrial, marine and railway environments. I.S.G.E.V. is UL, CSA, IRIS and ATEX certified. Thanks to the high quality of subunits, we are able to satisfy technical specifications and deliver prototypes with short deadlines. Please contact us for more information View more

Avenue du Moulin de Saquet Vitry-sur-Seine FRANCE 94400 Vitry-Sur-Seine, FRANCE , , ,Vaucluse ,FRANCE.

Honsin Ceramics is a European quality standard company with worldwide production capacities and R&D synergy. Our people are totally invested in providing to our customers a large range of high performance ceramics solution for various industrial projects. Honsin’s fine ceramics exhibit outstanding efficiency in numerous extreme operating conditions due to their good characteristics in mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat and corrosion resistance. Our products are widely used in metallurgical application, industrial machinery and numerous other applications. Our group applies strictly the international standard level to each single part of our product and we keep a total control from selection of raw material to after sales services. Quality is our obsession. We continuously improve our process to provide our customers a complete satisfaction. View more

133, rue de lenche ZI les paluds 13400 Aubagne, FRANCE , , ,Allier ,FRANCE.

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12 Quai Du Commerce 69009 Lyon, FRANCE , , ,Loire ,FRANCE.

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43, rue Alexandre Dumas 75011 Paris, FRANCE , , ,Paris ,FRANCE.

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ZA de la Gandonne BP 20259 13300 Salon De Provence, FRANCE , , ,Saint Viatre ,FRANCE.

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11 Rue Croix Rouge 35770 Vern Sur Seiche, FRANCE , , ,Savoie ,FRANCE.