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Posted on : Monday, 16th March 2020

Product, Promise, and Profit

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Not long ago, I bought a HP laptop from Lazada. I made a search with the key word “HP 14 Ryzen 5”, and the result showed quite a number of HP laptops from several sellers from different locations. Many overseas sellers showed a cheaper price, yet I chose a local seller from Kedah, Malaysia.


Why I chose a local seller is simple. I will give you my simple and ordinary reasons as a non-technically well-informed person:

·         Damaged or faulty items can be easily returned

·         I can use Lazada’s free return policy for 14 days or use a cheap courier

·         I can reach the seller through a mobile call for any questions I have on the product

·         I know I can call HP Malaysia regarding its warranty


True enough! I received the laptop in good condition and was working fine. I was very satisfied with the seller and the brand. But suddenly there was a problem after updating windows. Microsoft prompted an update to the windows home version 1903, and I couldn’t play MP3 and MP4 files anymore. I could use VLC to play MP4s but there was no audio. I panicked and started contacting the seller first. The seller recommended me to call HP instead. I then proceeded to call HP Malaysia and from there, I was re-directed to HP India technicians. Another suggestion from HP was to call Microsoft directly. I called Microsoft Help Centre Malaysia, and after two separate conversations, it ended up problem unsolved.


At that point, I was unhappy with everyone – the seller, HP, and Microsoft. But I knew that I cannot be putting the blame entirely on the seller because he has got nothing to do with the issue which he sold in good condition.


A colleague from my office asked me what is wrong because he noticed my frustration. I told him all that had happened recently. “Did you update your windows?” he asked, and I replied “Yes”. Then he asked me to repeat after him, “I will never update windows”. I repeated after him three times. I had no idea what he did to my laptop afterwards in full detail, but my laptop was reborn. The audio problem was solved after a few attempts of reset or reinstall or something. He advised me not to update in the early stages of Microsoft updates but to wait for at least one or two months. I have absolutely no idea why. But he told me to read others’ reviews about updates.


Let me share a little insight from my experience. This experience involved – ecommerce, customer service, warranty services, and so on. Even after going through all this, I still ended up buying a few more laptops from the seller, and even rated their store on Lazada five stars. Why? The seller was available and responsive when I had a problem with the product. He gave me contact numbers and web links to reach HP Malaysia. After all, I was satisfied with HP too because they thoroughly queried the issue and identified that the problem is not on their side. I am quite unhappy with Microsoft Malaysia Help Centre. Not Microsoft and its products as a whole, but because I did not receive any solution regarding the audio issue.


You can buy almost any product on the internet e-commerce platforms. But most of us simply do not buy especially when it comes to machines that are industrial and manufacturing related parts. Many manufacturing or factory maintenance owners prefer to source for local and reliable vendors because they want to have a peace of mind knowing that they have a contact person whom is reachable if a machine or a particular industrial part malfunctions, damaged or even upon receiving a wrong item. Therefore, many manufacturing plants have their own preferred contacts/vendors responsible to source by building mutually benefiting relationships in the long run.


Tronserve is very much capable of doing exactly that in terms of building a community of common interests and mutual relationships. All sellers/vendors are required to be properly verified in order to be recommended to the end users. You can always call Tronserve for any faults upon dissatisfaction of a product or even a service. The sellers will then be able to take full responsibility on what they have sold, services provided or even warranty issuances to ensure that both parties will not be disappointed and feel cheated in anyway.


On top of product vendors and service providers, Tronserve itself will be coming in soon into the Southeast Asia region with an Industry 4.0 solution. Your machines and manufacturing environments will be monitored 24/7 with this solution. You will not need to call anyone as your machines will be monitored through our platform. Tronserve will keep you constantly updated about the prospective faults in your machinery and direct you to the best solution.


Tronserve merchants will be reachable and responsible for their services and products. You may or may not experience such an issue same as I did. However rest assured that if such a time comes, Tronserve will be there for you. In the Tronserve community, profit will not just be interpreted as the amount of cash earned, but rather a real value added into the community which brings positive and lasting results or solutions for everyone.