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AC Servo Motor Grounded or Insulated ?

Keith Ooi
Posted : Monday, 2nd September 2019, 04:37:PM
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    2nd September 2019
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Hi All

We are building a two-wheel robot and have constructed a locomotion module by using two Panasonic 3-phase AC servo motors. Could anyone tell me the servo motors and its drivers should be grounded to the chassis or to be completely insulated?

It runs on a two-wheel drive module, and is operated on two 25Amp-hr, 12V sealed lead-acid batteries. A DC/AC inverter is used to generate a single phase AC source. The drive module is driven by two Panasonic 3-phase AC servomotors and its drivers. 
Could anyone tell me what type of Electrical Codes are governing the shielding and grounding requirement of moving robots? How to implement it, and especially how to prevent the electric hazard to human?

Your answer could be a big help to us.