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Biomedical Engineering

Contribution as Bioengineers

Nurul Ain Syifaa Yaakob
Posted : Friday, 27th March 2020, 02:33:PM
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    27th March 2020
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How bio engineers are enhancing the quality of healthcare?

Posted : 17th April 2020, 12:55:PM
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    17th September 2021

Biomedical engineers can work on any of a number of necessary tasks, such as developing artificial organs, building machines to aid in diagnosis, providing technical support for medical technology, training clinicians in machine use, and even studying the engineering aspects of biological systems, like the endocrine system, in humans and animals.

Biomedical engineering studies are broad, encompassing biology, chemistry, math, physics, computer science, and more, so biomedical engineers can apply any of this knowledge to benefit the medical community.

For example, one biomedical engineer might spend a career devoted to developing software to run complicated medical instruments, while another biomedical engineer applies biology and chemistry to craft new drug therapies. Some of the newest efforts of biomedical engineers include using biomaterials (cells and tissues) to solve problems. Bioprinting is a prime example of biomedical engineers’ successes.