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Posted on : Thursday 2nd July 2020 02:23 PM

Boston Dynamics Acquires Deep Learning-Based Vision Company

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Boston, 2 April 2019 - Boston Dynamics today established the acquisition of Kinema Systems, a Menlo Park-based company that allows industrial robotic arms with deep learning technology to locate and move boxes on complex pallets.


Using a combination of vision detectors and deep learning software, Kinema Systems’ Pick technology works with leading commercial robotic arms to relocate boxes off pallets to conveyors or build stacks of boxes on pallets. Pick enables logistics, retail, and manufacturing companies to achieve high rates of box moving with minimal set up or training for both multi-SKU and single-SKU pallets.


“ Bringing the Kinema team into Boston Dynamics expands our perception and learning capabilities while the Pick product accelerates our entry into the logistics market,” said Boston Dynamics Founder and CEO Marc Raibert. “ Beyond being a powerful tool for industrial robotic arms, Kinema technology will help our mobile manipulation robots tackle a wide variety of complex real-world tasks.”


Pick joins Boston Dynamics’ recently upgraded Handle platform in handling the logistics industry. Last week, Boston Dynamics released a video of Handle performing both multi-SKU palletizing and depalletizing to conveyor tasks.


While development remains on Handle, Boston Dynamics plans to sell and support Pick for curious customers starting now.


Sachin Chitta, founder of Kinema Systems said, “Boston Dynamics’ reputation for innovation fits perfectly with our mission of developing the next generation of vision-enabled warehouse robots.”


The team at Kinema Systems will establish Boston Dynamics’ first office in Silicon Valley. With plans to expand the team in the Bay Area this year, they will focus on developing and selling advanced robotics products for the logistics market as well as researching, developing and applying deep learning and vision to the Boston Dynamics family of robots. 


The Boston Dynamics team will run live demos of Pick at Promat, a leading trade show for supply chain and manufacturing automation, from 8 - 11 April in Chicago at Booth S3347a.

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