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Posted on : Sunday 8th March 2020 04:13 AM

Bumpless Firmware Upgrades for Controllers

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At ARC Forum 2020, Bedrock Automation highlighted the capability of its Open Secure Automation (OSA) platform to perform bumpless updates. Essentially, this means that control system updates can now be rolled out without interrupting production processes.

As Albert Royyakkers, founder and CEO of Bedrock Automation, explained, the OSA platform features redundancy not just for reliability but for availability. He said Bedrock Automation is focused on making firmware upgrades to its systems in the field “seamless.”

In a demonstration at the event, Rooyakers and Craig Allen, manager of customer service and technical support at Bedrock Automation, show how the OSA system, with its redundant universal I/O, controller, and power supply, can be securely updated without impacting the system’s operation.

See the video below where Rooyakkers and Allen perform a firmware upgrade on the system over a secure cellular connection on a public network. 

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