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Posted on : Thursday 2nd July 2020 02:37 PM

FABTECH Mexico - Allied Features Drills for Structural Steel

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MONTERREY, MEXICO (April 15, 2019) - Allied Machine & Engineering offers their latest GEN3SYS XT Pro high-penetration insert manufactured exclusively for beam and plate production at FABTECH, May 7th - 9th, in booth #1417. In addition to this material-specific innovation, Allied highlights the Revolution drill and Structural Steel T-A drill, both of which are engineered to excel in structural steel applications.


With an special combination of substrate and multilayer coating, the latest XT Pro insert is engineered to withstand the heat generated while drilling in structural steel beams or plates in high production facilities. The unique composition of carbide grade, geometry, and high-temp coating are designed to function at or beyond current O.E.M. rates while giving stretched tool life.


A regular issue in stacked plate applications takes place when the insert spins along with the exit disc produced from the first plate of steel. This can destroy the insert and result in catastrophic tool failure. Allied's stacked plate Revolution drill has an versatile diameter and is created to drill through plates with up to 0.125" gap, eliminating the problematic exit disc. The Revolution drill doesn't require a pilot hole, reducing set-up time, and the adjustable diameter allows for reduced tooling inventory.


The Structural Steel T-A drill produces optimal results when drilling holes in I-beams and H-beams. For example, a recent customer manufacturing over 100,000 tons of steel

beams, bars, and ductwork increased their penetration rate from 1.05 IPM to 3.52 IPM using the Original T-A structural steel drill, reducing their cycle time by 70%.

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