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Posted on : Wednesday 8th July 2020 03:53 PM

Honeywell’s Intelligent Wearables in the Petrochemical Industry

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Honeywell’s Intelligent Wearables — a hands-free, wearable, connected technology — are already in use across industry as a result of their advantages in building worker competence. Braskem Idesa's petrochemical plant in Veracruz, Mexico, is one site where this technology is at this moment in use. This complex is one of the many largest petrochemical production sites in the Americas, with a production capacity of 1.5 million tons of ethylene and polyethylene.

The Intelligent Wearables implementation at the Braskem Idesa plant does include Honeywell hardware, software, and service integration; Wi-Fi infrastructure throughout the plant; and access to tracking of key performance indicators. These features provide Braskem Idesa the prospect to increase better operational performance and tie its plant performance directly to employee performance.

“Capturing all the relevant expertise and data within the organization and getting it to workers wherever and whenever needed will help get trainees safely into the field faster and ensure that every worker operates to Braskem Idesa’s best standards,” said Roberto Velasco Gutiérrez, industrial director at Braskem Idesa.

Some of the  Intelligent Wearables features used by Braskem Idesa include:

- Expert on Call—live access to experts in the central control room or elsewhere for troubleshooting, support, and advice;

- Video support—users can view videos demonstrating key tasks; and

- Paperless rounds—step-by-step instructions for common and complex tasks.

Honeywell noticed that use of Intelligent Wearables should reduce Braskem Idesa's need for on-site visits and give workers the opportunity to receive experiential learning that they can then share with their peers.

“Braskem Idesa has not only taken an important step toward Industry 4.0, but has now also replaced paper-based and manual operations with a sophisticated solution that’s both digital and wireless,” said Vincent Higgins, director of technology and innovation, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Industrial.


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