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Posted on : Friday 19th June 2020 02:38 PM

Join Tronserve! Enjoy the Journey!

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You may not realize it, but you’re missing out on something amazing & special! Sign up to be a part of this exciting adventure with us!
Tronserve is amazing. And Special.


   Because you can:
·      Find great friends who are crazy about the same things as you are!
·      Work on amazing projects and blog about them to the world!
·      Land a great job by the recognition you get!
·      Solve problems you find at work! 

Have you ever wished to use your maximum energy to achieve more with your life? This is your chance to do just that.
If you’re passionate about your work, then why not write about it? You can contribute to Tronserve blogs and get more exposure to all of the manufacturers and vendor firms available on Tronserve. As well as any other fans you will find throughout the internet. Friends you will make and followers you would gain.
We are just starting here at Tronserve. But we are starting something truly great! Be the part of our journey and sign up! It only takes a minute!


 We have a forum, internal messenger, blog and news site and soon Jobs site. Everything is at your fingertips for communicating with a like-minded community. All you have to do is sign-up with us and start writing. You will attract people and companies like a magnet.
 Our platform has just started. It is not as crowded as other platforms and that means this is your chance to shine like a star!


We’ve all been there. You do the project you’ve been very excited about. But most of your friends don’t understand it. Your excitement dies.
Not Here! You can post your blogs in the relevant category and get a very good viewership! Not only from likeminded people (and soon to be friends) but also from large corporations who might as well love your ideas ;)
 Your projects, ideas and presence do matter! Make it loud! Live proud!

Have you been job hunting in the job market recently? Oh? You’ve stopped? No interviews? I’m sorry to hear that.
 But you know what, everyone’s doing the same. Filling up resumes with words they’ve never heard and things they could’ve done just to increase their chances of an interview.
 Here’s a chance to do it differently. Get headhunted. Instead of talking about your skills on a resume, show people. Show them that you’ve been there and done that by writing about your projects. Things you’ve done and things you will do. Pronounce your skills and shine like a star!
 You’re not a technical person I hear you say? That is absolutely fine. You can write about your working experience and how you’ve managed to solve issues at work! It’s going to help somebody in need. I assure you that.

 We’d be more than happy to see our platform enable people to get a job they like with an employer who appreciates them.
Moreover, we’d be happier to see technical firms hire talented people that can help grow their business in a fundamental way. If the industry is growing, It benefits everyone!
So don’t miss this chance! Sign up today and become a new Star!

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