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Posted on : Tuesday 16th June 2020 10:21 AM

Mersen Launches New Class Rk1 Reducer Fuse Series

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NEWBURYPORT, MA (JANUARY, 2019) - Global Electrical Power and Advanced Materials leader Mersen is pleased to announce the start of the first-to-market Class RK1 Reducer Fuse product series. This revolutionary product is the latest member of the Class J Reducer Fuse and Class J and R Fuse Reducer product offerings, extending Mersen’s solutions to support the swiftly growing North American manufacturing and process industries. Certified as a Special Purpose UL/CSA Listed Class RK1 fuse, these reduced current rating fuses are designed to fit into the next larger size fuse holders, supplying the same high reliability performance, durability, and arc flash mitigation as standard Class RK1 fuses. Reducer Fuses are ideally suitable for start-up or newly expanded manufacturing facilities that are ramping up production and electrical power demand. Upon approaching full capacity, the reduced rating Reducer Fuses can be readily replaced by higher standard rating fuses of the same body size, thus eliminating the need to replace the fuse panel. Another key benefit of the Class J and RK1 Reducer Fuses is that they are ready to install and replace directly out-of-the-box, decreasing processing down time.

The Class RK1 Reducer Fuse series is available right away, along with the Class J Reducer Fuse and Class R and Class J Fuse Reducer extras. For more information about the Mersen Reducer Fuses and Fuse Reducer product offering, please visit the Class RK1 and Class J Reducer Fuse and Fuse Reducer web pages. For more information about Mersen Electrical Power, visit

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mersen rk1 reducer fuse series

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