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Posted on : Wednesday 17th June 2020 11:56 AM

MVTec Launches MERLIC 4, Making It Even Easier to Create Machine Vision Applications

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MERLIC 4 will be launched on February 15, 2019. With this release, we are approaching the strongest demands of the machine vision market:

parallelization, PLC integration, and 3D vision.


One feature of the new version is the parallel processing and execution of different tools. This simplifies the implementation of multi-camera setups and allows for a more efficient use of the system's computing power. Different machine vision tasks can now be performed in one single instance.

3D vision tools

The software also offers 3D vision tools based on height images. This enables users, for example, to read embossed text, check heights, and perform other 3D machine vision tasks. For this, four new tools are included that make it possible to prepare images from 3D sensors or 3D cameras so that inspections can be subsequently carried out using MERLIC’s existing 2D tools.

Process integration with real-time Ethernet and fieldbus systems and recipes

Moreover, MERLIC 4 provides optimized process incorporation via Hilscher cifX cards of all current form factors. The software can therefore communicate with common fieldbus and real-time Ethernet industrial protocols, such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, and many others, via Hilscher PC cards. This makes it possible to seamlessly incorporate machine vision systems running MERLIC with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Besides, MERLIC now supports “recipes” which allow for the rapid reconfiguration of different machine vision tasks.

Improved usability with optimized tool flow

MERLIC 4 provides users with an even cleaner and more instinctive user interface with a completely renovated tool flow. Thanks to the tool flow it is possible to smoothly arrange and connect tools and logic elements utilizing known principles like drag&drop, copy&paste, and multi-selection. Automatisms to connect tools have been optimized. Branches between the strands (Branch on Condition) are now displayed more clearly. Using "Triggers", the user has an additional possibility to control the program flow logically.

A quick search for tools has been installed, allowing for better usability. For camera parameters a quick search is available now, simplifying the setup of camera settings greatly.

Customized translations

Moreover, MERLIC 4 allows customized translations of standard texts in the front end for all languages

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