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Posted on : Tuesday 16th June 2020 10:24 AM

POWERLINK with Drive Controller KEB COMBIVERT S6 and F6

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The COMBIVERT S6 and F6 drive controllers designed by KEB Automation support the implementation of better machine designs with extended demands in terms of capacity, communication and integrated safety.

With the new drive generation, the procedure of assorted types of motor, real-time communication to higher-level control, choice of integrated drive safety functionality or the cooling design in the switch cabinet can be modified separately to meet the machine manufacturer's requirements.

They blend the functionality of open-loop and closed-loop frequency inverters for asynchronous machines and powerful servo controller features with high-efficiency sensorless control methods such as sensorless closed loop (SCL) and asynchronous sensorless closed loop (ASCL).


The COMBIVERT S6 is a modern, compact and also adjustable servo drive for graded current of 2.6 amps up to 16.5 amps in two housing sizes. The direct mains connection is available for 230 volt and 400 volt networks. The COMBIVERT F6 is available for applications with single-axis controllers in the power range 4 kilowatt to 400 kilowatt.

Both drives are equipped with a multi-real-time Ethernet field bus connection for Powerlink, which also supports EtherCAT and ProfiNET. The modular configurable safety functions, complying with IEC and ISO standards with motion-based, safe monitoring directly in the drive, and complete the machine design.

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powerlink drive controller keb combivert s6 and f6

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