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Posted on : Friday 6th March 2020 03:28 PM

SAE, ISO Release Draft of Joint Standard for Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering

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Two industry groups, SAE International and ISO, released a draft on February 12 of a new standard to outline cybersecurity practices for the development and operation of electric cars. The drafted standard says it will provide “vocabulary, objectives, requirements and guidelines as a foundation for common understanding throughout the supply chain.”According to a dual statement released by both groups, the draft, “ISO/SAE 21434™,” builds on “SAE J3061™: Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Systems” and adds more detailed directions and expectations. The new standard was developed by experts representing 14 different countries and 82 different industry organizations in public, private, and government sectors.

Jack Pokrzywa, the director of global ground vehicle standards at SAE International, said his group’s collaboration with ISO allowed them to develop “the highest quality specification with the participation of the top global experts in the field.” In a statement, Pokrzywa said he looked forward to future collaborations on standards for emerging technology.

The vehicle cybersecurity manager for Ford Motors and ISO/SAE joint working group convener, Lisa Boran, said the new standard would provide solid ground for “more consistent cybersecurity practices across the auto industry.”

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