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Posted on : Thursday 18th June 2020 10:24 AM

SIPOTEK Size Detection Equipment – CCD Optical Screening

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With the development and thinking of artificial intelligence, size detective equipment, CCD optical screening machine and other industry automated technology, many excellent manufacturers of machine vision technology spring up in China. Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co.,Ltd. has spent 16 years in continuous researching and developing, gradually become one of the leaders of the market.


Shenzhen Sipotek Size Detection Equipment is founded on the computer camera like the human eye vision, use special vibrating disk automatic feeding mechanism to collect, calculate, judge and sort specific solid physical image, not only for finding dimensions(including length, height, diameter and other test), but also apply to the products mixing, deformation, burrs, scratches, lack of materials, stains and other test.


According to the vision industry case show that the size detection machine is generally used in the industries of screw, rubber ring, mobile phone accessories, plastic, etc., and has attained a great detective results. For many products show by specific data, the highest detection speed can reach 1200 batches per minute, detection accuracy can reach 10u which is equivalent to replacing 6 to 8 quality inspection workers.


After 16 years of continuous research and stable development, Shenzhen Sipotek Technology Co.,Ltd. has steadily broadened its production and research scale. In the Guangzhou exhibition on March 10-12, many manufacturers was attracted to here by the vision inspection equipment. They brought products for engineers to test and debug.

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