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Posted on : Wednesday 17th June 2020 11:58 AM

Standard Camera and Artificial Intelligence Combined In One Device

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Like IDS NXT vegas, the two new IDS NXT camera families are categorized by their highly pliable application spectrum. Customers can create individual image processing tasks and install and execute them as vision apps on the devices. Application-relevant pre-processed data or results are easily moved to a PC or machine control unit. The widely programmable platform is not tied to any predefined tasks. The possibility of installing any vision apps creates universal application possibilities in numerous fields, e.g. in optical quality assurance, as an analytical device in medical technology, for checking tasks using face recognition or vehicle and person counting.

The prototypes unveiled at the VISION showed how IDS NXT rio & rome can also be used as a regular industrial camera in the future thanks to the "Smart GenICam App" designed by IDS. In this way, two device classes will become one.

IDS NXT industrial cameras connect directly with a PLC or other machine controls. IDS NXT rome also works with IP65/67 protection, making it dust-proof and shielded against water jets (nozzles) from any angle. The models will not only be available with sensors from different manufacturers and resolution classes, but also as board level variants for mechanical engineering

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standard camera and ai combined

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