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Posted on : Tuesday 16th June 2020 11:04 AM

Trolleybot, An Intelligent Robotic Platform

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Trolley BOT is an autonomous mobile platform, created for a large scope of applications from logistics & picking (e-commerce platforms, retails, drives), to collaborative maintenance and various control activities. Through Wifi or LTE communication, a remote access to the robot has numerous supervision levels and far distance software maintenance logs. Optional geolocation sensors will provide easy fleet management. Created to carry heavy loads up to 150Kg and to tow up to 300 kg, its driving capacities have been developed for both outdoor and indoor applications where agility, maneuverability, and flexibility will be expected. Trolley BOT is the perfect robot for “last mile delivery”. The platform navigates in either full autonomy or “follow-me” mode, following the authorized user's trajectory as well as detecting and avoiding obstacles in full security

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