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Posted on : Tuesday 16th June 2020 12:32 PM

Universal Robots and VersaBuilt to Launch New Direct Interface for Cobots and CNC Machines

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Manufacturers battling to get CNC machines to interact directly with their collaborative robot now have a solution: VersaBuilt's CNC Communication URCap is a simple yet powerful interface for machine tending applications with Universal Robots. Launching at Universal Robots' booth 4605 at the ATX West show February 5-7 in Anaheim, CA, the URCap allows a UR cobot to easily execute any machining program stored on the CNC right through the cobot's own teach pendant. Initially launching for Haas CNC machines, VersaBuilt will develop UR interfaces for other popular CNC makes later this year.

The Haas CNC Communication URCap will soon be available through the UR+ platform, a dealership of products all certified to integrate seamlessly with UR cobots. The URCap holds all Haas safety interlock features and works with Haas, VersaBuilt, and other third-party automatic door openers. "VersaBuilt is excited to partner with Universal Robots to provide machine shops with automation solutions designed for high mix CNC manufacturers," says Albert Youngwerth, CEO of VersaBuilt Robotics, a company helping machine shops automate thousands of part numbers of all shapes and sizes in turning and milling applications.

Regional Sales Director for Universal Robots' Americas Division, Stuart Shepherd, highlights the importance of better consolidation tools for cobots and CNCs. "CNC machine tending is one of the most popular tasks to automate with collaborative robots," he says. "But there's still hurdles to overcome in achieving seamless integration. VersaBuilt's two new products are important tools in addressing this. We're excited to welcome them to the UR ecosystem and share their solutions with the ATX audience."

"The e-Series strengthens the core principles defining collaborative robots: fast set-up, easy programming, flexible deployment, safe operation, and a quick ROI," says Stuart Shepherd. "End-users with complex applications and diverse or uncertain future needs will benefit from the e-Series platform and our unique UR+ ecosystem, knowing that their investment will be able to grow with them as their needs change," he explains, referencing the rapidly expanding UR+ portfolio that now includes more than 120 certified UR+ products and close to 400 approved companies in its developer program

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