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Posted on : Thursday 18th June 2020 11:09 AM

US Trade War Will Only Make Us Stronger, China's Top Paper Says

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The trade war with the United States will most definitely make China much stronger and won't ever bring the country to its knees, the Communist Party's People's Daily published in a front page commentary that evoked the patriotic spirit of past wars.

The world's two widest economies are locked in an increasingly acrimonious trade conflict that has seen them level tariffs on each other's imports.

Tensions made worse this week just after the Trump administration officially added China's Huawei Technologies to a trade blacklist, straight away enacting restrictions that will make it completely tough for the telecom giant to do business with US companies.

In a stridently nationalistic commentary, the ruling party's official newspaper expressed China's determination to cover its national interests and dignity as being as "firm as a boulder". "The trade war can't bring China down. It will only harden us to grow stronger," it noted.

"What kind of storms have not been seen, what bumps have not experienced for China, with its more than 5,000 years of civilization? In the face of hurricanes, the nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people have confidence and stamina."

China's security is derived from the spirit of its people's perseverance and endless struggle, it added, pointing out major disasters like floods, SARS and 2008's massive Sichuan earthquake.

"From the Opium War to the Sino-Japanese War to the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea - catastrophe and anguish have come one after the other, tempering the Chinese people, pushing Chinese society to forge ahead in setbacks and move forward in hardship."

On Thursday, China's Commerce Ministry had slammed the US government's decision to blacklist Huawei, and replied it will take steps to protect its companies, in a further test of ties as the economic heavyweights collide over trade.

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