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Posted on : Wednesday 17th June 2020 03:42 PM

Vmware How AI Can Help Secure the Digital Enterprise With Visibility And Intelligence

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Regardless the news that exists around it, we have to keep in mind that in its recent format, Artificial Intelligence is truly really limited with what it can offer. Why? Because AI and ML are based on data - it doesn’t have opinions of its own. When I talk to Alexa, I can ask it what the weather will be tomorrow, the bookies favourite for the next Bond actor or how long to roast a chicken for, and it will be able to give you a fairly accurate answer. Yet when, after the 1000th time that week of hearing it, I ask why the song Baby Shark went viral, I’m faced with silence.


But although you can have a lot of fun testing the ability of your Alexa or other AI technology, there are some practical applications of AI that can transform the workplace.


As a society, we are going to interchange the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) without totally determining what the nuances are between them. AI can be expressed as intelligent machines that reflect a human’s approach to solving challenges. An extension of this, is machine learning which is the act of leveraging vast amounts of data to automate a response.


Shops for example, will be able to discover if a credit card machine isn’t working and have pre-prepared back-up plans based on many predictions. Healthcare will be able to provide the most protected environment to their clinicians and enable them to deliver improved patient care through mobile working, safe in the knowledge that patient data won’t be sacrificed.


It’s not just enterprises either – the control of sensors in smart cities, or the enhancement of data security in school districts are other use cases for a comprehensive intelligence-driven cloud-based service that can supply intelligence and visibility. As Brian Troudy, Director, Networking and Infrastructure of Corona-Norco Unified School District explains, VMware’s Workspace ONE intelligence will give the organization with a way to automate security practices and give access to metrics that will aid to improve user experience for teachers, administrators and students.


“ It’s a clear win-win for our staff and students,” he says.


It’s time modern working environments used modern management tools, and automated threat detection. Security responses need to be part of this shift towards a more AI-driven workforce. It is no longer acceptable to use security as an excuse for poor employee experience. Employees demand the latest tools and devices, with one-click access to corporate resources, while maintaining high levels of security. The only way this can be achieved is through AI. But remember that AI on its own will only become another isolated service, true value will be gleaned when it is integrated as part of an overall API integrated ecosystem.

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