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Posted on : Friday 7th August 2020 04:46 PM

When Customers Become Our Partners

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Posted by  Keith Ooi
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Fictron Industrial Supplies - serving industrial needs.

For a company like Fictron to ensure its long-term survival in the market, it must understand its customers, their needs, and their wishes. The company must tailor its products and services to the specific requirements and preferences of each customer. Since no one knows what these are better than the customers themselves, why not involve customers directly in the development of their customised solutions? Fictron has taken this exact approach in partnership with the many companies worldwide.  

Digitalisation is changing our everyday lives, both at home and in industrial environments. With this in mind, customizable products and systems are more important than ever for many companies. This trend of offering customer-specific solutions rather than a limited catalog of products is also noticeable at Fictron. "As market conditions change, so do our customers' requirements,"

Fictron has partnered with KEB Automation Germany for specialised repairs of Inverters throughout Malaysia and across India, Turkey, China and Uzbekistan. Tailored to the requirements of such repair and rework jobs specific to the industrial machines in those regions. Customisable training courses are also available and Fictron has collaborated with Intel Penang, Malaysia for such course to improve the skills of engineers working in Intel. The company's sourcing ability of industrial automation products does not confine to a specific catalogue, but to a customised approach in helping the industrial clients find the spare parts and solutions they need. 

With these features, Fictron creates real added value for our customers

fictron industrial supplies

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