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  • Now Is The Time To Be
  • To be influential, you need some breakthroughs – break the limitation. A Grab Taxi can bring you to the lobby but not to the 30th floor where your desk is. That is exactly where the idea of Flying Taxy comes in. Are you still waiting for customers to call you like old times? Or do you want to knock their online doorstep being there a click away? Now is the time to be VISIBLE.
We live in a different world !
In the olden days, everyone used to socialise within their circle to get to know each other.
Nowadays, everyone is hooked to their phones to get to know others. By having a strong digital presence, it is easier to connect and grow your network.
What If We Provide A Platform For You
To Achieve This?
  • Let Us Introduce You To Our Brand New Platform
  • In TronServe, you can personalise your very own website and put up information based on your preference.
    You can also showcase your skillset to your future employers to reaffirm their decisions in hiring you. Having a website is crucial for your identity.